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Why is it so important that I give blood?

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Many people consider it a right to receive blood when needed, but don't often consider the responsibility of giving blood to maintain the community supply for others.

Some areas of the country need more blood than they are able to collect, while others can collect more than they need. Most large medical centers transfuse more blood than what is donated by the local residents. Areas with major medical centers and hospitals which serve patients from all over the world always need blood.

Those shortages would be eliminated if more healthy people would give blood.

For our family, our friends, and for strangers in need, we must share blood resources. We need more donors, and we need donors to give blood more often. If half the people who donate one time a year were to donate a second time, we would not have shortages of blood.
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Blood is the living fluid that all life is based on. Blood is composed of 60% liquid part and 40% solid part. The liquid part called Plasma, made up of 90% water and 10% nutrients, hormones, etc. is easily replenished by food, medicines, etc. But the solid part that contains RBC (red blood cells), WBC (white blood cells) and Platelets take valuable time to be replaced if lost.

This is where you come in. The time taken by a patient's body to replace it could cost his/her life. Sometimes the body might not be in a condition to replace it at all.

As you know blood cannot be harvested it can only be donated. This means only you can save a life that needs blood.

Every year India requires 40 million units of 250cc blood out of which only a meager 500,000 of blood units are available.

Saving a life does not require heroic deeds. You could just do it with a small thought and an even smaller effort for saying "yes".

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